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Webinar “Listen to the Bees”



On this World Bee Day, 20 May 2021 (from 10.00 to 11.15 CEST), the Embassy of Slovenia in Copenhagen, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency and Bybi, would like to bring to the attention of the public the implications of the decline of pollinators and the importance of a pollination service they provide.

During a webinar, prominent speakers from Denmark, Slovenia and the EU Institutions will try to present the significance of bees and other pollinators for the environment and food safety/security. Loss and degradation of habitats have been the main cause of pollinators’ decline. Nevertheless, governments, city planners or citizens can still do something to restore landscapes and to restore numbers of bees and pollinators. What could be drivers of change?

The Ambassador of Slovenia HE Mr Edvin Skrt and the Head of the Biodiversity Group at the European Environment Agency Mr Brian MacSharry will open the webinar, which will offer an opportunity to share and exchange views with six leading experts. The event will be moderated by Ms Katja Rosenbohm, Head of Communications at the European Environment Agency.


Mr Brian MacSharry, Head of Biodiversity Group, European Environment Agency; Presenting the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020

Ms Ariana Ferfila, Head of Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia; Presenting the Academy and Slovenian efforts under the World Bee Day agenda

Mr Oliver Maxwell, Founder and Director of Bybi; Presenting sustainable and socially responsible urban beekeeping

Dr Lise Hansted, Project Advisor at the Danish Beekeepers Association (Danmarks Biavlerforening); Significance of a relationship between pollinators and the environment

Mr Jørgen Pedersen, Head of Association Wild Bees in Denmark (Vilde Bier i Danmark); What can we all give back to the bees and other pollinators?

Ms Tanja Franotović, Senior Communication Officer at the DG Environment, European Commission; Presenting the EU Pollinator Park project

Webinar is open to public and free of charge. Please register and join at http://eea.livebit.it/






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