Plant to your Climate

Choose plant species suitable for your climate, aspect and soil type. Utilise planting guides  from our links below.

Plant in sunny spots with shelter from strong wind.

Water Source

Although a bee gets most of her nutrients from nectar and  pollen, she also likes a little drink of water.

Create a DIY, bee safe, watering station by adding some stones or marbles to a shallow saucer.

Avoid Pesticides

Use organic seeds and seedlings to ensure plants have not been treated with pesticides.

Ask before you plants what chemical treatments have been used on seedlings.

Do not use pesticides, herbicides or inseticides in your garden.

Maximise Space

Not to worry if  you have limited space or no garden. Utilise what space you have with pollinator friendly plants in pots on patios, balconys, driveways and window boxes.

This is even more beneficial to our bees and pollinator pals if you live in an area with limited green space. Find out why and read about pollinator pathways here.

Add Colour

Add a variety of colour to attract different pollinators.

Bees are attracted to blue, violet, purple, yellow and white flowers with stripes and spots on petals which act as nectar guides!

Butterflies prefer red, orange, pink and white flowers with a trumpet shape that holds nectar.

Plant Herbs

Herbs are great at attracting bees to our gardens, they grow well alongside other plant species and many are suitable for containers.

Plant, Basil, Borage, Calendula, Chamomile, Coriander, Dill, Echinacea, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Oregano, Peppermint, Rosemary and Sage to name a few.

Great for your cooking and great for our pollinators!


Bees need more habitats, there are a wide variety of plants for all garden sizes that attract and nourish our bees and other pollinators, from eucalyptus trees to tasty herbs and vegetables. For some valuable information on planting a bee-friendly garden please review the links below:


Powerful Pollinators Planting Guides

With guides for; NSW Central Slopes, Murray-Riverina and North East Victoria, Mallee – Victoria and South East Southern Australia, Western District: Victoria, West Gippsland and Westernport: Victoria, South East Melbourne: Victoria, Greater Melbourne West, North and East Melbourne: Victoria and Blue Mountains: NSW.


Planting List

Planting for bees and native bees: a list of plant species suitable for ACT climate and pollinators.

Bee Friendly: A Planting guide for European Honey Bees and Australian Pollinators.

By Mark Leech