Spring into your garden these difficult COVID times.

Rotary Clubs are missing the rewarding hands-on projects which are the fabric binding clubs and members together.

Right now, it is doubly important to involve clubs in something that is positive and fun; and which also provides a sense of purpose and achievement.

The answer is to join Rotarians for BEES in their support for the innovative District 9800 gardening project and …

A garden is a great place to be, especially with new spring growth and clement weather.

Gardening complies with COVID regulations!

Nurturing pollinator friendly flowers is a truly rewarding activity.

You can share your involvement and accomplishments with friends and family.

Add a little competitive spirit, and you can even generate some boasting and banter!

Clearly, kids will love it and learn to appreciate the bees and pollinators in their own backyard!

You can also share this experience with your club members.

Being involved in environmental sustainability is newsworthy action and it can be featured in your bulletin and other news streams!

We know that the environment is important to so many in the population, particularly young people, and this project may be a magnet for new members!

Your gardening might not only happen this spring – but be an ongoing interest for years to come.

For the project to take off in your club you need a member to drive it and be the central contact.

Because of the recent declaration of environment as a seventh focus area in Rotary International, your club may already have identified a person to manage existing and future environment related action. If not, perhaps someone will be inspired to step up and lead with the ‘Colour your World’ garden program.

Every club has their own ideas and style but here are some possibilities for starting off:

All manner of gardens are suitable, from rural to dense residential. Even patios and pots!

So why not consider offering prizes for different categories?

  • Best existing or new pollinator friendly garden;
  • best balcony, patio or potted display;
  • best children’s garden;
  • best vegetable and herb;
  • most colourful;
  • tallest sunflower…

The possibilities are endless.

Share photographs too. Perhaps the best bee or butterfly in your blooms!

Get local stockists involved and request special offers on pollinator friendly seed packs or plants. You might even receive a gift voucher or two.

This could result in a nurseryman or other knowledgeable guest speaker to colour your zoom meetings.

Involve a local school.

Rotarians for Bees has a great relationship with the Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV) and they work closely with schools. Their website is a mine of information too!

All this action will result in many opportunities to inspire and connect with other people and organisations; and will fuel all your publicity.

If you are successful, this will flow from your garden to your club, to other districts… and to the world.

Share your successful, humorous, inspiring, and entertaining stories that will emerge with us at rotariansforbees@gmail.com!

If you need guidance about what to plant or where to source seeds and plants for your garden CLICK HERE to visit the District 9800 page

(It’s also at www.ColourYourWorld.net.au )

During these times under COVID restriction, many traditional suppliers of seeds and garden supplies are not able to provide their normal range of products and services.

In order to assist Rotarians looking to purchase seeds, potted plants and garden supplies as part of their participation in the Rotary Colour Your World Garden Program, we provide links below to places who have stock and offer delivery or click  and collect facility.


Bulleen Art and Garden  (BAAG) have a click and collect option for plants and garden supplies. Please note that BAAG offer a 10% discount to Rotarians for any supplies….just mention that you are a member of Rotarians for BEES.


Seeds are avaialble from the following on line suppliers:-

 The Seed Collectionhave a wide range of seeds that are open pollinated with no chemical treatments

Seeds a Plenty  have open pollinated and heirloom flower seeds

Yates  Bee Pasture Pollen & Nectar Mix 

Mr Fothergills   The Beneficial Insect mix is out of stock but will be available in two weeks 



Please remember to share photos for us to include on Facebook or our website.

There are also some great resources at:

Best of luck with your gardening. Your action will promote bee health and global food security while you are having fun!



Share the following marketing materials on Social Media or print them out and put on a Local Community Noticeboards such as at the supermarkets.

Link the Social Media Images to this web page:  www.rotariansforbees.org/colour-your-world

A4 Print Flyer for Noticeboards    (click here to download)