The Waggle Dance Project

What is it?

The Global Online Waggle Dance Challenge is a fun activity that promotes interest in honey bees. The dance mimics the extraordinary way honey bees communicate and celebrates bees’ crucial role in pollination and food security.

The Global Online Waggle Dance has been designed to allow people to unite from anywhere in the world from the safety of their own home so that they can become part of this global celebration.


Who can be involved?

Everyone, individuals, school groups, businesses, all welcome.



Our goal is to have 20,000 waggle dance videos uploaded, from 20 countries, to represent the 20,000 species of bees that exist globally.


Bees Waggle Dance

Honeybees are known to communicate in a dance language called the waggle dance. It is an important part of how they provide food for the bee community.

The direction the bee moves in relation to the hive indicates direction of the food source (pollen or nectar); if it moves vertically, the direction to the food source is directly towards the sun.

The duration of the waggle part of the dance signifies the distance from the hive.




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Learn the Dance

Watch the instruction video to learn the dance, or use it to follow along.​​​

Upload your video

You will receive the link after registration, to upload your performance of the Waggle Dance. If you would like your performance to be a part of the compilation video being produced, please submit by 10pm AEST 30 April 2022. The next compilation video will be released on World Bee Day 2022.