Like many of you, we have been following the Varroa mite incursion in NSW and the current eradication efforts by New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.       

It is vital that anyone involved in beekeeping, is fully informed of the situation and plays their role in helping to limit the spread to the rest of the states. To access current and ongoing updates visit the NSW DPI site:

How can you help? 

Advice form the Dept of Agriculture

In the colder states, your bees are currently bunkered down for the winter. We encourage you to inspect your hives (weather permitting at the earliest convenience) by using the drone uncapping method and either the sugar shake or alcohol wash methods.

Learn how to perform these exotic mite tests by viewing videos and fact sheets on the  BeeAware website and reach out to the  local beekeeping supply stores in your state, to purchase the tools you need to conduct these tests. By completing these tests as soon as possible (weather permitting) and reporting the results, you are providing the Dept of Agriculture with a level of confidence that your state is still Varroa free. Recording negative results is just as important as positive detections, as they help us to prove ongoing freedom of exotic bee pests in your state.

How to Report:

Access a bees online platform that is specific to your state.

For example if in Victoria, it would be via Agriculture Victoria or directly: Once logged in, submit your test results by clicking the “Enter Mite Results” button and follow prompts.

NB: Please register your hives so you can be directly and regularly updated on this threat as well as of ongoing beekeeping biosecurity information and training services.